Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Funny Anecdote

My phone was recently blocked from making outgoing calls. I found it to be frustrating that although I could receive calls and text messages, I could send nothing. After a few non-responses from Pelephone’s customer service email address, I decided to call the toll-free number from a friend’s cell phone.

After waiting 10-minutes for a customer service representative, my call was acknowledged. I asked the reasoning behind my phone’s restriction, and the woman responded with the following: “We noted that your phone had dialed East Jerusalem numbers, and we assumed your phone was stolen.”

“Why didn’t you make me aware of the restriction?”

“We called you twice, sir.” (Seems like a good strategy to contact an individual with a stolen phone)

Finally, my phone was restored to normal capacity, and I was able to check my voicemail. The phone company employee who called stated the following: “Mr. Robinson, we have on record that you have attempted to contact the Palestinian Authority. As a result, we are assuming your phone is stolen, and we are restricting its capacities.”

I don’t really remember ever trying to contact the P.A. I don’t think I have their number.

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